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Trez Capital TSX:TZZ – An easy gain while you get paid a dividend

Special opportunity alert: TSX:TZZ

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TZZ made a corporate announcement after market hours yesterday announcing that shareholders have requested that the company hold a special meeting to discuss selling the company.

“We have been following TZZ for a while and believe an exciting opportunity exists to make a quick profit on a stock that is currently undervalued based on its current book value.”

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“TZZ could be worth up to $9.28 a share”

Our opinion is the break-up value of TZZ is around $9.28 a share and therefore we have put our own personal target opinion range at $8.80 – $9.20 and have placed this special opportunity alert.

Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation is a commercial lender with a diverse porftolio of quality commercial mortgages across Canada. The company currently pays a monthly dividend of $5.83 cents per Class A share. The next dividend payout is due on February 15, 2016 to shareholders of record on January 29, 2016.

Learn more about Trez Capital by visiting www.trezcapital.com

Keep your eye on TSX:TZZ

We will continue to provide ongoing coverage of TZZ to keep investors up to date with all the corporate developments that are upcoming in the near future.


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