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Zecotek Photonics – A driving force behind the future of PET scanner component innovation

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We have had a great year so far with our picks up a combined 93% as of the market close today! With that said, we are striving to identify additional opportunities in the current market that we feel offer great potential to continue this performance. Continuing on, we are excited to introduce our next Special Feature Alert. You may have heard that 2015 was the “International Year of Light” and global interest in innovative technologies like Li-Fi has sparked a lot of attention to the space. We believe this phenomenon will continue into 2016 and feel that Photonics related IP assets and companies will garner increased interest.
We have been following one such company for quite some time and earlier this year we set up a marketing engagement with this firm. With recent activity in the stock and other enthusiasm surrounding the Photonics space, we believe the timing is compelling for this company to “Shine”. As such, Prosperity Stock Report would like to introduce to you a rare opportunity to gain exposure to a seasoned company in the world of photonics and related high-tech industries at an attractive valuation and entry point. The company is called:

Profile Price: $0.33

Given the recent movement in the stock price coming off the 52 week lows we wanted to immediately alert our subscribers to this compelling story and put it on your radar screens for further review. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to provide info and updates on ZECOTEK. For the time being, as ZMS keeps moving aggressively, we simply do not have enough time to prepare a comprehensive segment without the risk of losing out on the further upside that has been driving the stock price higher and higher in recent trading sessions.

What is Photonics?

Simply put, Photonics is the science of light (photon) generation, detection and manipulation of light by various means. Photonics, at its essence, drives the science behind the 3 divisions of ZECOTEK which was founded in 2004 by Dr. Faouzi Zerrouk a theoretical physicist.


The market right now is hot on photonics (light) and technology – especially medical related technology and this is where we see the immediate outsized growth potential for ZMS.
Within their large Intellectual Property portfolio, ZECOTEK holds several key global patents surrounding the manufacture and development of Lutetium Fine Silicate (LFS) crystals. These specialized crystals are a key and vital component which comprise 45% of the technology in PET Scanners (Positron Emission Tomography) that are widely used in the medical testing fields. In fact, their LFS crystals are so pristine and robust that even CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) have tested and purchased LFS crystals from ZMS. You may be familiar with CERN as it is the birthplace of the World Wide Web and a hub for the worlds largest and most expensive science experiment of all time relating to particle physics.

Akin to lithium for TESLA, LFS crystals are the high quality standard the medical imaging manufactuers like Philips , GE and Siemens alike desperately require. But, it’s not just the crystals that they need. Bringing further potential value to ZMS, an additional 35% of a PET scanner comprises Photo-Detectors – another high-tech solution for which ZMS holds a large global patent portfolio in addition to its manufacturing solutions. So to sum it up, ZMS could literally provide 80% of the technology needed within a PET scanner. When you consider the fact that a single PET scanner can cost as much as $2 Million dollars, it goes without saying that this is a potentially large and lucrative revenue opportunity for the company. As you can see, ZMS could be in the right place at the right time. As global markets continue to enhance health care solutions and revamp outdated technology, ZMS is right there to capitalize on this potentially lucrative and growing segment of the market.
There are many other components of ZECOTEK that make this company a very exciting prospect which we will key in on in the near future. In the meantime, we invite our subscribers to visit www.zecotek.com to learn more about the sophisticated technologies and patents that ZMS holds in its arsenal. Keep your eye on ZMS and stay tuned for continued coverage on this Special Feature Alert.

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